ASA Ciervo — an Auroran Fleet Destroyer

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The Ciervo is an Auroran Destroyer that led the attack Spire Albion’s Habble Morning Shipyards and the Habble Morning Marketplace by Auroran Fleet. This occurred right at the start of the duel between Bridget Tagwynn and Reginald Astor. There were half a dozen more airships behind her—all or them in that raid slipped past the Albion patrol.

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The attack was intended a diversion to allow them to drop Auroran Marines into the Spire to conduct a raid and whatever havoc they intend.

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The Warcry of the Ciervo is a high-itched humming that sounds like "an ether wasp gliding effortlessly on an etheric wind, but louder, wider, deeper." Captain Grimm recognized instantly and got his ship into the air just in time.

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Because the Albion Fleet had mobilized in response to the attack, leaving the spire unprotected against landing marines, Grimm and the aeronauts of the Predator formed a landing party to help repel boarders. Armed with minimal training in direct combat, the best they could do is slow them down until the Fleet—particularly Commodore Alexander Bayard—got wise and sent down Albion marines to defend the Spire.[1]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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