Generic airship

The only method of traveling outside of, or between, the Spires. These ships use the Etheric energy to glide through the skies.


Newer airships tend to be more mechanical in nature; they don't use sails due to the possibility of falling if an ether-thin area is encountered, or if the Lift Crystals malfunctioned. They have steam propellers and turbines to steer and maintain their lift.

Older airships like the AMS Predator may have wind-sails. These are less safe, but have the advantage of being both silent and not as bulky as engines.

Life on AirshipsEdit

Life on the airships seems to be exciting but dangerous, with the constant threat of enemy ships from other Spires. The airships are run by a captain and his executive officer (or XO).

Living on an airship is very different from the lives of those who have spent their whole lives in the Spires. Those who spend many years on airships end up very tanned due to exposure to solar radiation, despite the thick cloud cover. People unused to the experience may become badly disoriented due to exposure to the sky and sunlight.

Spire Symbols and ColorsEdit

Arms and DefenseEdit

Airships are typically both armored and armed:

  • A shroud dissipates weapons fire from other ships, but it may be a massive strain on the ship's systems.
  • Airship Armor, which is a physical protection on the hull.
  • Etheric cannon, which have weapons crystals that are activated to blast energy at other ships.

Notable airshipsEdit

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Book References Edit

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