Albion Marines

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The Marines of Albion are the fighting force that travels with the fleet and disembark Airships to fight on "land"—that is in Spires.

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Generally trained in direct fighting—hand-to-hand and with various weapons.

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"Semper Fortunado" — Always Strength

"Not this kind of brute power. It means something more—inner strength, strength of purpose moral courage. The strength required to fight on in the face of what seems like certain defeat. The strength to carry on faithfully when it seems now one knows or cares.[1]

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  • Favorite song: "Farmer Long's Cucumber"—contained shocking ideas and an infinite number of verses. [4]

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Events Edit

(Spoiler section)

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Right after the Auroran Fleet attacked Spire Albion'a Shipyards at Habble Morning, the Fleet mobilized to prevent further attack. That meant that every marine in on the ships in the air where they can not defend Albion. [5] About twenty marines stood guard at the entrance to the Fleet Shipyards when Briget had walked the ramp. She watched Gwen speaking with the senior sergeant who looked irritated with her wen she showed him the letter from the Spirearch, but he let them enter the shipyard so they could board the Predator.[2] Thee was another group of armed men—either Marines or Guardsmen—at the entrance of the Habble Landing Shipyards. The Team got checked through. According to Rowl, they weren't even important enough to have big hats.[6] Efferus Effrenus Ferus was leading the common room at the Black Horse Inn in singing the Marines' favorite song: "Farmer Long's Cucumber".[4]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Book References Edit

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