Albion Ships — List of Airships of Spire Albion. For the Albion Fleet, see Fleet.

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The Fleet of Airships of Spire Albion consist of "a Corps of twenty Roc-class battleships a hundred times the mass of or Predator—and correspondingly sluggish and slow to respond. They were accompanied by a screen of lighter verses, around fifty cruiser an destroyers of varying tonnages."[1]

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Merchant ships

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Models in Lord Albion's Office Edit

  • AFS Perilous — tiny model the size of a thumbnail.[2]
  • AFS Drednought — large model the size of a cat.[2]

Fleet Acronyms Edit

  • AAV - The first mention of a Auroran fleet designator is “ASA”; at the end of the book the designator “AAV” is used for the Itasca. 
  • AMS - Albion Merchant Ship
  • AFS - (Assumption) - AFS stands for Aetherium Fleet Ship
  • AR - After Reformation (inside Hardback book cover - AR is spelled out on Priscilla Spencer's copper plate map)
  • ASA - The first mention of a Auroran fleet designator is “ASA”; the designator “AAV” is used for the Itasca at the end of the book.

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The entire home Fleet and the Spire's batteries took to flight immediately after the attack by the Auroran destroyer, ASA Ciervo. The attack was a diversion, a ploy, to get theAlbion ships to do just that—all leave the Spire, so that they can quietly land marines for a raid of the spire and what we're seeing havoc they had in mind.[3]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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