Alexander Bayard, aka Commodore Bayard -- A commodore in Spire Albion's Fleet.

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AFS Valiant

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Commodore Alexander Bayard is Grimm's best friend. His Commodore’s uniform is more weatherworn than Rook's because he enjoys being his deck and experiencing the elements, while Rookavoids them. His ship is the Valiant. Has had a “mistress” of thirteen years, Abigail.

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AFS Valiant

Description Edit

  • A small slender man;
  • Dapper little figure
  • Uniform of a Fleet Commodore [1]
  • Diminutive stature, agile, had a warrior's confidence, and a fine large hat.[2]

Character / Personality Edit

  • He's a self-described “viper” with ice in his blood;
  • Claims to enjoy scandal over proprietary, it's more fun; it's why he never married Abigail Bayard.

Spouse Edit

Essentially married to Abigail Bayard (mistress of 13 years); he commands the Heavy Cruiser AFS Valiant.

Details Edit

  • Ritual toast with Grimm—"Absent friends." [1]

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Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

He found Captain Francis Grimm in the ventilation tunnels—he was sent by Lord Albion, the Spirearch, to fetch him. They were attacked by some creatures before they could go.[3] Grimm was badly injured, bitten, he passes out—Bayyard carried him to the home of Efferus Effrenus Ferus, an Etherealist who healed him with the help of his apprentice, Folly. [4]

Grimm is confident that Bayard will figure what Auroran Armada is up to—that they are dropping Auroran Marines into Spire Albion.[5] He managed to get close enough to the Auroran ships to confirm troop transport—which carry a full battalion, around 500 men.[6] He boards the Predator at Habble Landing Shipyards to visit Grimm. He informs him the Council declared war on Spire Aurora and the Fleet needs captains. He suggest that Grim go to Fleet and ask for a position. Bayard wants him for Flag Captain of the Valliant, his flagship. Grimm turns down Bayard, who keeps they offer open. He also informs Grimm that Fleet will be calling back Creedy—all the habbled aeronauts.[1]

Quotes Edit

  • "Bayard has a crooked mind but it works perfectly well. He'll realize what's happening before long." — Francis Grimm [5]
  • "Rules are made to be broken. What they did to you wasn't right. I don't see how reversing that injustice could be wrong." — Bayard [7]
  • "What is that at the very top of your forward mast?" ... "Apparently, it's a Cat." — Bayard and Grimm[8]

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