Brother Vincent

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Brother Vincent is a follower of The Way and resides at the Temple of the Way. He was Benedict's teacher of The Way. [1]

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He had a shaved head and wore a saffron robe.[1]

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  • A simple rod of copper-clad metal about three feet long. [1]

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  • Fighter in the methods of The Way

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  • calls Benedict son [1]
  • monks won't allow anyone to enter the temple casually—they must prove that their desire is sincere.[1]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

[2] The Team goes to the temple for trustworthy advice after nearly being mugged by guild thugs. Benedict is tested with hand-to-hand combat by Brother Vincent—it's tradition. Monks test the desire of those who want to enter the Temple. But it's clear that Vincent is fond of Benedict. They enter for tea and conversation.[2]

Dies in the assault on the temple.

Quotes Edit

  • "You never showed me that combination." ... "Didn't I?" Brother Vincent asked, smiling. "Goodness. Such an oversight. But I'm sure I haven't forgotten anything else." ... I'm sure you didn't forget, brother" Benedict replied, his tone wry. ... "I think you just want me to come visit more often." — Benedict and Brother Vincent[1]
  • "It took time to soften your skull enough for ideas to slip in, but you proved a good student eventually. It is good to see you, son." — Brother Vincent to Benedict[1]
  • "You see surprised, miss." ... "It's so lovely in here, really," Gwen found herself replying. "It's not at all like it appears to be on the outside." ... "Is anything?"Brother vincentsaid with a small smile. [3]

Book References Edit

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