Commodore Hamilton Rook, aka Rook, is a Commodore in the Fleet for Spire Albion.

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His flagship is the AFS Glorious.

Hamilton Rook rakes in hundreds of thousands of crowns for capturing enemy Airships. Some believe he buys councilors with his money.

Francis Grimm, Captain of the AMS Predator, would disable Auroran airships and leave them to Rook, who would collect the bounty, while Grimm would get a small bonus for him and his men for disabling them. [1]

Uniform Edit

  • A "proper" deep blue accented with an "unseemly" amount of golden braid and filigree.[2]
  • Three bands around the ends of his sleeves for the rank of Commodore
  • His uniform was not weather worn because he hid from the elements.[3]

Description Edit

A tall, regal-looking man with a nose like a sunhawk's beak. His black hair is untouched by silver, probably an affectation. His hands are weathered and cracked.

Character/ Personally Edit

  • Refined, educated, and an utter ass
  • He would use most any means to force someone to do what he wants, throwing his aristocratic weight around. [4]

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Grimm damages enemy Airships and leave s them for Rook to capture for which he is the one to collect the bounty. [1]

In the Ventilation Tunnels leading to the Spirearch Manor, he intercepted Grimm to pressure him into selling him the Predator to scrap it for the Core Crystal inside it. Rook tries to force Grimm into relinquishing the AMS Predator to acquire its core crystal. First with an offer of a ridiculously low sum of money for the ship's worth—then by increasing it. Followed by threats and reports of bad handling of his ship and of court action. Backed up by accusations of piracy from other Spires—actions Grimm took on behalf of Rook and the Fleet—and a warning that Fleet would side against Grimm as a disgraced outcast. That would leave his crew jobless and him homeless. Grimm vehemently refuses with a slap and a threat of a duel to the death. [4]

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