Sergeant Diego Ciriaco; Master Sergeant, First Auroran Marines; Warriorborn.

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Ciriaco is a Warriorborn and an Auroran Marine who was among those that invaded Habble Landing in Spire Albion. He and his men were disguised as Guardsmen or the Spirearch's Guard on some kind of covert mission—they were carrying a stretcher filled with military grade explosives.

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Diego was the first sergeant that Renaldo Espira once worked with. He taught him to "keep nervous men focused on their mission with familiar routine" and fear of his wrath should they deviate from it.[1]

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  • Feline eyes, heavy accent, taller than Bridget (who he held captive). [2]
  • He has a deep-chested voice and he is larger than Espira.[1]

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Loyal to Spire Aurora

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

He and his men carried explosives into a tunnel disguised as Spirearch's Guardmen where Gwen, Benedict, and Bridget, were seeking shelter from the falling debris with the wounded Barnabus Astor during the Auroran Fleet invasion. They remained at a stand-off for a long time—he holding Bridget hostage, Gwen holding the explosives hostage: her Gauntlet aimed right at it.[3] When Rowl came with Grimm and his men, Ciriaco and his men fled.[4] Diego reports to Renaldo Espira what happened to Lt. Lazaro. And Espira explains why they need Madame Cavendish—to get info from the captured Verminocitor. Ren orders him to break his neck and dispose of the body.[1]

He was with Major Renaldo Espira when the two of them captured Bridget and Folly outside the Blackhorse Inn in Habble Landing.[5]

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  • "I a a loyal son of Aurora. And I have a duty. I'll fulfill it or die trying."[4]
  • "A Verminocitor stumbled onto the base. We caught him, but not his art er. He says he was alone. She is here to verify his story." ... "Knives?" the Warriorborn guessed. ... Espira shook his head and suppressed a shudder. "She took nothing with her." ... "She's a mad beast." Ciriaco said. "She is our mad beast." Espira corrected him. "Be glad she is on our side." ... The warriorborn narrowed his eyes, staring intently at Sark, and rolled one of his shoulder stiffly, as if it pained him "No, sir, I don't think I will." — Espira and Ciriaco, Ventilation Tunnels of Habble Landing [1]

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