Doctor Bagen

About Edit

Bagen is the ship's doctor aboard the AMS Predator.

Character / Personality Edit

Likes to grumble when his charges get injured, what to him, seems foolishly so. But when there's wounded to care for after a battle, he's steady and focused. [1]

Connections Edit

Events Edit

Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

He proceeded to attend the wounded after an attack by the Auroran battlecruiser airship, ASA Itasca. [2] He arrived at Lancaster Manor to attend the wounded with focus after the battle at the Lancaster Vattery. [1]

Quotes Edit

  • Mr. Bagen, the ship's Doctor, would doubtless find it tedious and complain interminably about the haplessness of wayward captains. — Grimm thinking about needing Bagen's help to change the dressing on his wounds.[3]

Book References Edit

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