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About Edit

When someone—usually member of one of the High Houses because of their rigid social norms—causes a slight perceived as such to another, the one who feels slighted may challenge the other to a duel.[1]

Duel Protocol Edit

  • Challenger slaps or hits the other with a glove. The challengee accepts it by taking the glove. [2]
  • Seconds are chosen: accompany the duelist and help prepare.[2]
  • A Marshall is chosen: a Master of Arms to adjudicate.[2]
  • Weapons are chosen by the one challenged.[3]
  • Seconds meet and work out terms, date and time.[4]
  • Mortis Protocol: duel to the death, stated up front and set in the terms.[5]
  • Time is given for preparation by both parties.

Duel Day:

  • Only the two seconds and the Master of Arms are permitted within ten feet of the duel area. [6]
  • A red kerchief is dropped by the Marshall to signal the start of the duel.

Refusal of Challenge Edit

The challenger may litigate—take the offense before the Spire Council—who can then levee a punitive fine against the House of the one challenged.

Known Duelists Edit

Seconds: Barnabus Astor for Reggie; Rowl for Bridget, backed by Gwen and Benedict for training.

Duel Threats or Warnings Edit

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The duel between Reggie and Bridget is all set to start with Captain Esterbrook as the acting Master of Arms, the seconds—Barnabus Astor and Rowl—in position and the thugs that Reginald brought with him held in check by Gwen and Benedict, when the area takes a volley of cannon fire by the Auroran Fleet. Spire Albion is under attack.[6]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Book References Edit

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