Etheric Cannon

About Edit

Etheric Cannon are cannon which have Weapon crystals that are activated to blast energy at other ships.

Description Edit

Each cannon had a copper-clad barrel with a framework of copper and brass. There was a row of weapon crystals centered exactly and suspended inside the barrel length on copper wires. When the weapon was activated it acted similarly to a Gauntlet but on a much larger scale emitting large blinding flashes. The energy of the cannon crystal was added to the outgoing rush of power causing pure destruction.[1]

Frame Edit

The cannons "nosed out from a rotating ball assembly" that let the gunners swing the cannon forward, back, up and down. [2]

Power and Range Edit

  • one cannon bolt could incinerate most of an unarmored ship if hit in he right spot.[1]
  • A light cannon is supposed to be able to fire a bolt to hit from two miles, but in reality, to hit more than half a mile it takes a steady ship a steady target, a skilled gunner and luck.[3]

Types Edit

  • Light cannon — found on Predator
  • Chase cannon — a medium gun - found on Predator

Blast Edit

There was the flash of the gun, the flash impression of a glowing comet and then the impact. There wa no sighting in between. A cannon blast moved too fast to be seen, there was no dodging it.

Defense Against Etheric Cannon Fire Edit

Details Edit

  • One of the functions of the Goggles, having dark lenses, is to protect from the blinding effects o the cannon fire, thought not one hundred ercent protective.[5]
  • Close range cannon fighting was better for the heavier warships that were armored to withstand multiple hits and carried big guns.

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Book References Edit

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