Etheric Webbing — webbing made of Ethersilk.

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Etheric Webbing is a webbing that encircles an airship and is made of Ethersilk—translucent silk threads.[1] The webbing harnesses the etheric currents that are used to drive an Airship.[2]

Technology Edit

The web changes as the power runs carry electricity to it causing the ship to rise and seem weightless. The threads of the webbing catch the invisible currents of etheric energy that runs through the aero-sphere and then the silk strands spread like cobwebs encircle the vessel the uses the Etheric energy to pull it forward.[1]

Function and Use Edit

The more webbing that was let out of the reel the more Etheric energy it would catch and the faster it would propel the ship. [2]

Stored Edit

The webbing was stored on large reels at the bases of the masts all around the ship.[3]

Released Edit

When released, it's charged with electricity from the Power Core Crystal and it rises and spreads to surround the ship.[1]

Raking the Web Edit

"Raking the web" is when an airship shoots at the etheric webbing of an enemy ship to slow it down in order to kill it with direct hits to the ship.[4]

Details Edit

  • Some ships are capable of carrying more webbing than others.[5]

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Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The Webbing is released as the Predator makes ready to waylay an Auroran merchant ship.[1] The entire rear mast of webbing was destroyed by the ASA Itasca.[6] Bridget observes the webbing in the ship. [2] Grimm explains to Gwen that what the ASA Itasca is doing by shooting the webbing on the Predator is called "raking the web" and the purpose is to slow down his ship to kill it. Predator shoots back at her web, makes a good hit. But Itasca keeps a lot more webbing than Predator.[4]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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