=== Facebook group Habble Babble, October 17, 2015 – Cat’s Fighting Spurs === In response to the question – “Something that has been bugging me.   If the Nine Clawed Clan is so human phobic, who is supplying all those customized and likely expensive battle spurs?”

WOJ - And yes, fighting spurs amongst cats are something like repeating rifles among 19th century First Nation tribes. No capability to manufacture, but highly prized and very obtainable

In response to a comment – “If memory serves the ones Rowl got as his prize were "new."

WOJ – “They were "hardly used." Since that jerk of a nine-claws prince never fought.”

In response to “they talk about how awkward it is to take off on his own, that normally he'd have two squires to help with his spurs, but that if given enough time he could get them on or off on his own. A few different times he mentions using his thumb claw, I think their thumbs are more opposable than our cats', although decidedly less opposable than a human's”

WOJ – “Well. And they have stubby opposable thumbs, shown when Rowl uses them to climb the rope into the silkweavers' lair. Carrying things isn't a problem, but tightening the thongs on a leather cuff of a spur is a pain.”

“Meanwhile, he prowled over to Littlemouse, made himself comfortable, and started working on the laces of his new battle spurs. Knots were uncivilized creations. His thumb-paw was really not well suited to undoing the length of leather cord that kept the cuffs securely on his legs, which was why a pair of squires was generally required to secure the cuffs in the first place.”