Goggles - Airship eyewear

About Edit

Goggles are eyewear that that is worn by officers and crew aboard Airships.[1]

Description Edit

The Etheric currents that Airships sail in will interact oddly with sunlight. A person must wear goggles to protect their eyes from because the affect can do strange things to the mind.[2]

Parts and Attachments Edit

  • Dark lenses
  • Telescoptic - zoom device that attaches to one lense to see far distances

Functions Edit

  • One of the functions of the goggles, because of their dark lenses, is to protect from the blinding effects o the cannon fire, though not completely.
  • To protect against wind, sun, currents, debris, etc.

Connections Edit

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Bridget thinks that being in direct sunlight up in the skies, or seeing the moon and the stars, can make you go mad. Grimm clarifies the myth and tells her the importance of wearing goggles.[2]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Book References Edit

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Book References Edit

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