Guilds of Habble Landing — gangs organized like unions.

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Some Guilds are legitimate organizations like businesses or unions—like the Vatterists' Guild in Habble Morning. Others are crews or gangs whose activities are less than legal. [1] Most of the Guilds in Habble Landing are involved in some kind of activity bordering on illegal. And, they are all in competition with each other.[1]

Character: Landing Guilds Edit

The crews—gangs—that have organized themselves into guilds, never pick on residents of Landing. They'd be too easily identified to the authorities. Their leaders would not allow it.[1]

Organized Gangs Edit

Many of the gangs of Habble Landing have organized themselves into Guilds with leaders because it's easy and easily stopped by authorities. It's all carefully controlled and precise. Organized robbery. They have a certain code of conduct that they adhere to. They are hard to find and restricted to the law. They are extremely powerful . The own some legitimate businesses and have an fluence on politics. "They command fear, respect, money and professional craft."[1]

Details Edit

Landing Guilds won't bother the Temple of the Way—it's safe territory.[1]

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Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The Team—while being led by Grady, a runner they hired at the Landing Shipyard—found themselves being followed by footpads, likely part of some Guild meaning to rob them. Gwen chased them off.[2]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Book References Edit

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