Harris Moberly -- Verminocitor of Habble Landing

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Harris Moberly is a Verminocitor of the Verminocitors Guild in Habble Landing. He was first captured and tortured by the Auroran Marines, and additionally tortured by the Etherealist, Sycorax Cavendish to verify his statements. His body was found by the Guild eaten on by Silkweaver hatchlings.

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He was 20, with a brother, mother, and pregnant wife.[1]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Major Renaldo Espira request that Madam Sycorax Cavendish verify the statements of his captive Verminocitor. He continues to claim he was working alone even after hours of torture. The Major must be certain that no one reported back what was witnessed in the Ventilation Tunnels.[3]

Cavendish questions Harris Moberly using her powers that tortured him and left him like a vegetable. He was telling the truth, he was working alone. She tells Renaldo Espira to leave his body to be found. But to first "send him up the ropes"--which means letting the Silkweavers have at him for one minute. That is to cover up the markings left behind by the tortures the Auroran Marines put him through. Diego Ciriaco is given the orders to carry out, but refuse to send a man "up the ropes" alive—Espira suggests that he break his nick first.[4]

At the Verminocitors Guild, the Guildmaster, Felix, lets Benedict Sorellin look over the body. Benedict deduces that Harris was tortured—probably by Auroran Marines—and left to be eaten on by Silkweaver hatchlings to cover the torture marks. The lack of blood and amount of the form of congealing suggests this and the broken neck confirms it.[2]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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