House of the Silent Paws is a tribe of Cats that reside in Habble Morning.

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The Silent Paws tribe is based in Habble Morning. It is headed by Chief Maul. His kit is Rowl, prince of the House. Mirl is one of the Chief's Wiskers--spies and hunters for the chief.

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Chief Maul

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Spirearch's Recognition Edit

The Spirearch had an affidavit notoroized by Judge Helena Solomon—and read at the Duel between Bridget and Reginald Astor—that Rowl and House of the Silent Paws had pledged their support to the Spirearch and were citizens in good standing of Habble Morning. It was a legal precedent and important moment in Spire Albion history.[1]

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The Spirearch, Lord Albion, has decided that it is time to recognize his tribe as official citizens of Habble Morning.[2] Longthinker has confirmed the reports of the Silent Paw scouts that there are New Creatures (spoiler link) in the air shafts. Other cat tribes report cats missing from the tunnels.[2] Even Bridget and Franklin Tagwynn who are strong allies to the Silent Paws had rarely seen kittens—Cats don't trust humans aroun their kits.[3]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Book References Edit

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