Hydroponics — Hydrating technology

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1.1.1  Facebook group Habble Babble October 21 – Water Gardens Edit

In response to “Ok, interesting (at least to me) question. I get that there was a reference to hydroponics but it must be a struggle to keep a spire fed. I recall someone calculating a spires population density about on par with San Francisco. There is at least one habble packed much more densely. This means that another has a commensurately space density but it must be tricky to grow enough food, not to mention feeding and keeping livestock to keep vatteries supplied.”

WOJ – “Considerable space in every habble is devoted to "water gardens." When you've got fifty feet of space or so, you can have a great many racks of growing tanks in a fairly tiny space.”

“Foodstuffs growing from the filthy soil of the surface, rather than in a proper water garden treated with nutrient-bearing vatsand.”

The Wayist also have a garden with “rich, black earth”