Mister Kettle, Ship's pilot on the airship Predator.

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It's Kettle's job to steer the ship. He alwayss seem to have multiple other tasks including being a conduit between the XO and next rank down for seeing that the Captain's orders get followed—and fussing over the Captain.

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  • Helmsman: steers the ship [1]

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  • Grimm had him clean his sword for him due to his arm was in a sling.[2]
  • Armoror: to arm the men with guantlets, sidearms, and tunics to make ready to repel boarders—Auroran Marines—on the Spire. [2]
  • Creedy orders him to sticklike glue to the Captain on the mission to waylay unorganized Marines.
  • Collected the men from shore leave after the Auroran attack.[3]

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Aeronaut's Windlass Edit

Made a suggestion to Francis Grimm to make the dive steeper for speed.[4] He fought ferociously trying to get through a gap in the wall at Lancaster Vattery where Auroran Marines were dug-in, kicked one man in the teeth.[5]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Quotes Edit

  • "Bloody hell," Kettle said, clearly angry. "Doesn't Habble Morning employ Verminocitors anymore?" [2]
  • "I didn't know him when he was in the Fleet miss, but..." Kettle took a slow breath his lips moving slightly, as if composing his answer before he spoke. Then he nodded and turned his eyes to her, his expression intent. "Miss Lancaster, Spirestone is heavy. Fire is hot. And the captain does his duty. No matter what it costs him. Understood?" — Kettle o Gwen Lancaster [6]

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