Lancaster Manor — home of House Lancaster.

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Lancaster Manor': home of Gwen, Lady Lancaster and Lord Lancaster, and Benedict Sorellin-Lancaster.

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House Armsmen Edit

Strength and Structure Edit

  • The house is supposed to be under a structural strongpoint within the Spire.[1]
  • There's a garden between Lancaster Manor and the Lancaster Vattery.[2]

Details Edit

  • There was a library of several hundred books (immensely costly and indicative of their wealth).[3]

Connections Edit

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Gwen shot up a few artifacts in her attempt get past her mother and Captain Esterbrook when trying to leave home to join the Spirearch's Guard.[4] Auroran Marines disguised as Guard, have taken up position behind a wall around the garden between the Manor and the Lancaster Vattery.[5] Lady Lancaster and Lord Lancaster opened their house to the wounded of the Predator after Grimm helped defend Lancaster Vattery during the Auroran Marines attack.[6]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Book References Edit

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Book References Edit

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