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Lazaro is Auroran Marine Lieutenant that was leading a party of six, including himself, carrying explosives hidden under a blanket on a stretcher through the ventilation tunnels in Habble Morning. They were all disguised at Spirearch's Guard.[1]

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He wore the weapon-Crystal insignia of a junior officer—apart of his disguise as a guardsman in the Spirearch's Guard.

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A young officer who had been raised in the higher echelons of Auroran. Society in which Chivalry was held as a high virtue. Upon encountering a pretty girl who looked like a 'porcelain doll' (Gwen) and whom he assume to be a civilian tending a wounded civilian, he tipped a respetful salute and tried to bluff his way past her.[2]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

He and his six men of the Auroran Marines, disguised as Spirearch's Guardmen carrying a stretcher tried to hurry past Gwen, Benedict, Bridget and a wounded Barnabus Astor in a Habble Morning Ventilation Tunnel. Benny caught on to them be fake guard, tippe Qwen off—she blew up his face fro two feet away with her Gauntlet. They held up the marines for several hours so that the stretcher of explosives ne'er reached it's destination.[1] The explosives were intended to blow up the Lancaster crystal vattery. The team there were all killed by Grimm and his crew, who also rescued them from Diego Ciriaco and the remaining marines.[4]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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