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Lift Crystals are crystals which generate an anti-gravity effect upon empowerment, without working trim crystals all you'd do is go up or down. Without lift crystals, an airship will only be going down to the surface anyway, if the Mistmaw doesn't get it first.[1]

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Designed to accept a charge of etheric energy and output in the form of inverted gravity.[2]

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Enormous, oblong, the size of a bathtub with an emerald surface that is so finely faceted that it looks smooth. [3]

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Sockets into a suspension rig—the ship's structural foundation. All the wight of the ship is spread across the surface of the Crystal while in flight.[3]

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Mark IV-D Lift Crystal Edit

The Mark IV-D is a very efficient Lift Crystal meant for Capital shipsBattlecruisers and the like. One was sent by the Spirearch from the Lancaster Vattery. Battlecruiser crystals tended to be denser and therefore more energy efficient. [3] [4]

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1. Aeronaut's Windlass Edit

The main lift crystal on the AMS Predator had fractures in it after the ship had taken two steep dives back-to-back in their skirmish with the Auroran ships. Journeyman cut power to the lift Crystal and ran extra power to the Trim crystals. [1] The new Trim crystals and the new Lift Crystal arrive in Lancaster Vattery crates sent by the Spirearch. The Lift Crystal was a new Mark IV-D—"Efficient as hell."[3] Gwen helps Journeyman configure the Mark IV-D and the Haslett Cage.[4] Finalizing settings. They hear Gauntlet fire in the Shipyards. Auroran Marines are heading to Mistshark, its cannons are making ready—they must get the Crystal ready and the Shroud up.[5] Get Lift Crystal fired U.K. Barely in time—take ship into a I've just as Mistshark took aim on the Predator.

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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