Lord Lancaster — Patriarch of House Lancaster

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The current head of House Lancaster, the husband of Lady Lancaster, and the father of Gwen Lancaster. He owns Lancaster Vattery, the source of priceless crystals, and so is one of the most important people in all of Spire Albion.

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He seems to have a certain amount of honor and a sincere desire to do all he can for people you do right by him and the for Spire Albion.[3] [1]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

When talking to Gwen Lancaster and Benedict Sorellin-Lancaster at Beech's Dumpling Stand the morning of the Duel, Lord Albion, the Spirearch, says to her: "Your father and the Council manage the affairs of the Spire by consensus..."[2] After Captain Francis Grimm stopped the Auroran Marines from taking the Lancaster Vattery, Lord Lancaster and Lady Lancaster offer their residence as a hospital for his wounded along with their doctors. They witnessed the entire battle from inside Lancaster Manor. They sent Captain Esterbrook to deliver the message.[3] Alexander Bayard tells Francis Grimm that he won respect from the prime minister who watched Grimm defend his home, his people, his livelihood from his study window.[1]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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  • "And you've won more than a little respect for your actions at the Lancaster Vattery. The prime minister himself watched you defend his home, his people, his livelihood through his study window. If you come back to the Fleet and offer your services, I think the winds are right to make it happe—and there happens to be a capain'sslot ineed to fill in my squadron."  Alexander Bayard to Grimm[1]

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