Masts — aka "Ship-trees"

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Masts are tall poles on Airships that hold up either Wind-sails or Etheric webbing.

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"The main body of the ship seemed to be a large and oddly contoured half tube suspended between three rounded towers that rose up at either end of the ship and in the middle (masts). Folded along her flanks were a number of bundled rods of some kind that looked like they could be folded out, and old-style canvas cloth hung from them—sails, made to be extended horizontally, along the ship's flanks. Other masts had been folded agains her belly, which was held clear of the stone of the shipyard by heavy struts that supported the vesssel's weight. And, she saw, two more masts on the ship's main deck rose up above the ship, their yard arms spread, with more sails reeled against the. Running up the length of both masts were large metal rings that encircled twisted lengths of ethersilk sail—the ship's etherweb. ... ... Positioned all around the vessel, at the bases of the masts, she could see large reels lined with the netlike woven Ethersilk web that harnessed the etheric currents that would drive airships faster than any transport in the world.[1]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Bridget Tagwynn observes the masts, Web Masts, Wind-sails and Etheric webbing and other Airship parts. Rowl wants to climb the "Ship-trees" when he first sees them. Bridget is afraid he might fall.[1] Rowl does climb them after exploring the ship, but he's disappointed in the view and he didn't like the climb back down.[3]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Quotes Edit

  • "What is that at the very top of your forward mast?" ... "Apparently, it's a Cat." — Bayard and Grimm[4]

Book References Edit

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