Mistmaw - leviathan

Represented by Ruairi Robinson's Leviathan.

A Mistmaw is a vast sky-dwelling creature,

About Edit

Mist maws are a frequent danger to airships traveling outside the Spires.

Description Edit

They are large enough to swallow a ship whole, and are attracted to powered webbing. Certain times of the year, they're not aggressive.

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

A Mistmaw was circling around the AMS Predator while hiding in the mists of the Mezesphere, badly damaged after their skirmish with the Itasca. The plan was to keep as quiet as possible and to use sails to maneurvre.[1]

Book References Edit

  1. Aeronaut's Windlass, ch. 2, p. 32

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