Mr. and Mrs. Beech own and operate a small dmpling stand near the main market area, just off the side of it.

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The Beeches are a grey-haired older couple and friendly. They make hot food to order at their Beech's Dumpling Stand in the Habble Morning market.

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They moved up from Habble Landing about ten years ago. The Spirearch loved their cooking so much that he had offered them a position on his staff, but they preferred to make their own way. Lord Albion, the Spirearch, frequents their stand instead of waiting hours for food he disdains. [1]

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  • They were both stout and grey-haired
  • Mr. Beech has bushy eyebrows about the same thickness as his wrists. [1]

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The Aeronaught's Windless Edit

Gwen and Benedict incidentally bumped into Lord Albion at the stand ordering dumplings. The three sat and ate together with a pleasant chat. [1]

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