Neen is a Cat,

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Neen is the kit of Naun of the Nine-Claws”; Prince/Heir of Nine-Claws. Neen is the Cat that Rowl first makes contact with in order to talk with the Clan Chief, Naun.[1]

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Grey fur with gold-green eyes.[1]

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  • Neen's place by the Chief is one level down on the Dias. [2]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Rowl sees a cat and the two do a "diplomatic" stand-off for hours—to see who can ignoree the other the longest. (Neen is named in next chapter.)[3]

After ending the stand-off, the Cat and Rowl make introductions. He is "Neen, kit of Naun of the Nine-Claws." Bridget requests to meet with Clan Chief Naun. Neen leaves to make the request to Naun saying: "Naun will see you. Or he won't". Two warrior Cats return to guide them to Naun. The Nine Claws clan (several hundred) stayed all together in an intersection chamber of the Ventilation Tunnels of Habble Landing for self-defense (unheard of for Cats). When Neen acts sarcastic with Naun, Rowl swats Neen on the nose and reminds him that he is to respect his sire.[4]

Neen had an agreement with someone (Sark?) to allow Cavendish, the Auroran Marines and the Silkweavers to stay uncontested in the Ventilation Tunnels of Habble Landing. [1] Rowl won a battle with Neen and as he spared Neen’s life, Naun and the Nine-Claws went into battle with him against the Silkweavers. [1]

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  • Rowl fainted at Neen's nose with one paw and the other young cat flinched. Instantly every warrior cat in the place was on its feet, and Bridget felt almost certain that she could actually hear the mass of fur upon spines suddenly springing straight up. The air whispered with hundreds of low sounds of feline warning. ... Bridget found herself holding her breath. ... Rowl ignored the chorus of angry growls with a certain magnificent indifference to reality, looking at Neen in strict disapproval. ... "Respect our sire," Rowl said severely. "Or you will oblige him to teach you, here and now, when he obviously has greater concerns before him." — Rowl to Neen[4]

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