Spirearch Manor is the residence of the Spirearch.

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The manor is located in Habble Morning and as the residence of the Spirearch, it is the seat of the government do Spire Albion and it is the base for the Spirearch's Guard.

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  • The Hallway: leading from the entrance is lined with polished wooden walls and floors and decorated with Albion fine art, some dating back to the New Dawn. Plus sculptures from the master sculptur of Spire Olympia.[1]
  • The Study: is in essence a "throne room" where the business of the Spire as handled by the Spirearch is conducted. — Found there are: sculpture, paintings, sets of histories (one banned), "Means of Execution, models of every airship in the Aetherium Fleet, and hyper-accurate maps.[2]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Francis Grimm and Creedy are summoned go to the Spirearch Manor where they are led by Vincent, the batman, into the Study. Addison, Lord Albion the Spirearch, makes a deal that Grimm begrudgingly can not decline. The a new Lift Crystal and all repairs he is to transport and assist a team appointed by Lord Albion, on a mission to Habble Landing.[1]


2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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