Stern, aka Mister Stern — Crewman aboard the Predator.

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Stern is an Aeronaut on the AMS Predator whose actions stood out during battle with the Auroran Marines at Lancaster Vattery.[1]

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Stern was aboard the airship AFS Perilous during the deployment in which Grimm's Fleet career had ended. He followed him to the Predator despite Grimm's protest. He had been a young, grubby midshipman and grew into a still-slight man.[1]

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Slender, dark haired, small and thin—quite a bit younger than the rest of the crew on the Predator.[1]

Ability / Skills Edit

  • He could move as quietly and quickly as a Warriorborn when he needed to. [2]
  • Excellant shot with a gun. [3]

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Totally loyal to Grimm

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Grimm sent him to scout the enemy's position at the Lancaster Vattery. He returns quickly with report.[4] Stern gave credit to Aeronaut Baker for the great shot he made when rescuing Gwen and the others from the Auroran Marines.[5] He woke the Captain for a visitor—Alexander Bayard.[6] Grimm sends for Journeyman and Stern] after Calliope Ransom leaves his ship.[7]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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