Windlass is an Airship that runs on wind power using sails.

About Edit

A Windlass is an Airship that propels itself by wind-sails. They run on wind power instead of steam and Crystal power.

Function / Capabilities Edit

  • A Windlass ships is limited on what it can do.
  • It can propel itself quietly, but slowly.
  • It can go up down, but it needs a Lift Crystal or at least Trim crystals to keep it afloatin othe air.

Advantages / Disadvantages Edit

  • A ship propelled by wind in sails is nearly silent—it barely makes any noise at all and can move through the skies undetected.[1]

Characteristics Edit

  • Generally, the only Airships that favored sails were those in fleets of the poorer Spires_or by pirates and smugglers.[2]
  • Those sailing them are willing to dare the dangers of the mists over the open skies.

History Edit

A ship propelled by wind in sail was once the norm.

"Steam-driven propellers and the new screw-like turbines were the preferred means of locomotion in the event that a ship dropped out of the Aerosphere or was becalmed in some portion of the sky without etheric currents enough to propel a vessel. But sails had advantages of their own: he didn't requires bulky, heavy steam engines to function, and they were—compared to steam engines, at least—nearly silent."

Connections Edit

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The AMS Predator is damaged badly enough in a skirmish with the Itasca of the Auroran Armada that it can only propel itself by wind-sails. [3]

2. The Olympian Affair Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "There's always cargo coming and going from the lower Habbles, sire," Ceedy said. ... "In barges. in scows," Grimm said quietly, "and on windlassess. Predator is an airship, Commander." ... With all due respect, sire," Creedy said, looking down, she isn't. Not rihgt now. Not until you've secured the funds to mend her." [5]
  • "With all due respect there is ample transport to Landing. Send them down in a barge or a windlass" ... Lord Albion'shead drawback slightly, his eyebrows lifted I surprise. "Captain, I a not sure why the idea upsets you so." ... "My ship isn't a barge. And she's bloody well no windlass," Grimm snarled. "And while I'm alive she never wil be. Not for the Fleet, not for the bloody Spire Council, and not for you, sire. Thank you for the offer, but I can help you." [6]

Book References Edit

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